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You are as old a parent as your child. Growing together brings responsibilities and challenges, for some you are ready for other you need us. At injoy we hold your hands as you explore parenting. We are your map for when you feel lost. If you ever feel overwhelmed, we become all ears. And as schools cannot be the only place to learn we guide you to take the matters in your hands. We aspire to be there every time you are concerned about your child.

About Us

We are a team of experts dedicated to providing services with over twenty-five years of experience in this company. Like everything else, we keep on trying till it all results into a success. Between all those attempts we will provide you with motivation and clear your doubts. At any time when you feel worried about the appetite of your child or her inability to speak with the neighbourhood woman, you can rely on us to guide you. As you know already know that it takes a village to raise a child, we are yours.

Our philosophy

We are strongly rooted in the beliefs of natural learning and scientific mode of enquiry. There are things that we expect our children to learn like securing the first rank or trigonometry. There are other important concepts however that are natural to human learning and existence. For instance, the concepts of ‘vasudhaiv kutumbakam’ as professed by Gurudev Tagore or Ubuntu as drawn on by Desmond Tutu. We trust the naturally curious nature of a child. That allows him or her to dig deep in the earth and poke every hole of the house. With little stimulation all this can result in an education that is solely driven by the personal rigour. Deleting the extraneous circumstances where children feel obliged to cram the books and take stressful examinations.

Apart from learning, our philosophy also focuses on creating an empathetic society. A generation that allows itself to feel and express. We want our children to be considerate at heart. Let us assume a scenario where your child is participating in a race.

How must your child react to a situation if one of the participants falls during this event depends solely on the philosophies s/he is being educated into. Lifting the fellow runner up or laughing at him to continue the race are the choices out of which a majority will choose the latter. We strive to make a world where most of them choose the former one.

We, at injoy, wish to make education an expression of being in joy for children. Without an institutional structure, we seek to express this in a service mode where schools, children and their parents become part of our growing tribe. We insist on providing learned, research-based solutions to every parenting problem under the sun. Our team of experts are just a phone call away to hear everything that you have to say or ask. We bring you more than twenty five years of experience in the field of education, research, institution building and counselling to create a village that will never leave you alone as you raise your child. We put our faith in atmnirbahrbharat. we support the initiative of Atmnirbhar Bharat as a whole. All the services you get are designed to include as many local vendors as possible. We trust in the abilities of our own country men hence the services that we guide you into, for your children, are also from the local participants. We wish to include Indian philosophies of education in our discourse of learning and development. we are open to your ideas on this theme please write to us at connect@injoy.co.in Please contact us at connect@injoy.co.in if you are a local vendor who wishes to collaborate with us.

Our Services

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